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CPAP is an incredibly effective treatment for sleep apnea, yet can be intimidating to start. Let us help, with a hands-on process that will help you achieve your desired results. We guarantee you'll be sleeping better after 30 days.

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Your path to a better night’s sleep starts now

Tomorrow Health & Philips Respironics are working together to help you sleep and breathe better with top-of-the-line CPAP products, concierge style service, and full use of your insurance benefits

Choose your CPAP equipment

Browse our products and see upfront price estimates based on your insurance. You can always call a Care Advocate for help.

Meet your sleep coach

A Sleep Coach will call you to help identify the right mask. You’ll also schedule a setup call with a Respiratory Therapist for when your machine arrives.

Get your supplies

The CPAP machine & mask are delivered to your door in 2 days. Unpack it and get ready for your setup call. 

Start your CPAP therapy

Speak with one of our licensed Respiratory Therapists to help you get acquainted with your machine before your first night’s sleep.

Stay on Track

Your Sleep Coach will schedule check-in calls with you to review how you’re sleeping. You’ll chat after 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and every two weeks from there for 2 months.

Order re-suppy equipment seamlessly

When you're ready for new filters or any CPAP accessories, we've got you covered. Your purchase comes with unlimited support.

Frequently asked questions:

What if I don’t have a sleep study done yet?


If you think you may have obstructive sleep apnea, first consult with your doctor. They may then instruct you to have a sleep study done, which can either be done in a sleep lab or at home. Once you have the results of this sleep test, our Tomorrow Health team can help you with the rest.

Why do I need a prescription for my CPAP machine?


CPAP machines are a part of a class of devices regulated by the FDA that require a prescription. You can think of them like contact lenses -- both can dramatically change your quality of life, but someone with clinical expertise needs to specify how you should use them before you try them out. And that sleep test you got? Yep, a bit like a vision test!

Why should I buy from Tomorrow Health instead of anyone else?


You can find ways to buy your CPAP machine and supplies online or from some place that your doctor recommends. Some of these options will be great on price. Some will be great on service. But only Tomorrow Health will be both. We’ll help you get the best price -- guaranteed -- and our team of Care Advocates will be there to help you with questions big and small, every step of the way.

Why are your Sleep Coaches so important?


The first month of using CPAP is critical for learning the machine and establishing the right habits around it. In fact, most people who successfully use CPAP to treat their sleep apnea long-term have learned how to sleep with the machine in the first 30-40 days after beginning treatment. Our sleep coaches increase the success rate of using CPAP by 26% by being your partner and dedicated resource through that critical early phase, helping you solve anything that might get in the way of your treatment. And they’re available to you at no extra charge!

What is the story behind Tomorrow Health? 


Tomorrow Health is reimagining healthcare in the home due to the failing status quo. At a time when healthcare bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, the home is the lowest cost and highest value setting of care. While the U.S. has achieved significant progress in healthcare, the transition to home-based care is still extremely challenging. 

Our Co-Founder, Vijay Kedar, has personal experience combating these challenges as a result of coordinating his mother’s care. His mother battled Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) — a life-threatening lung condition she had developed while already in an immunocompromised state from her cancer treatment. She spent four months in an ICU room until her lungs thankfully recovered, and she was discharged from the hospital to return home.

While relieved to have his mother safely at home, Vijay and his family were unprepared for the challenges that lay ahead as she made the transition to home-based care. This transition is something that millions of Americans face daily.

“All in, we worked with nearly a dozen local healthcare providers to find the resources she required. There was no guidance — in identifying the equipment best suited for her clinical needs, educating us on proper care, or navigating her insurance benefits. After weeks of delays, thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs, and countless hours negotiating with local providers, we were appalled when faulty equipment and unreliable patient support led us right back to the hospital. We ended up in the place she had worked so hard to leave.”

Determined to alleviate similar hardships for others, Vijay along with his friend and colleague, Gabe Flateman (formerly Co-Founder and CTO of Casper) built Tomorrow Health to serve as the beacon of light for millions of Americans transitioning to home-based care.

Where are you based?


Our headquarters is in New York City, although our team is spread out across the United States while we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic.

When it comes to paying for CPAP therapy, we’ve got your back

Tomorrow Health & Philips Respironics are working together to make CPAP therapy as affordable as possible.

We work with your insurance

We'll show you prices with your insurance upfront to help you get the best rate.

Free Mask Swap

If your first mask isn’t right, you can try another in your first 30 days -- on us.

30 day no-risk trial

You’ll have 30 days to decide if it’s for you. Otherwise, you can send it back without paying a cent.

Payment Plans

Prefer to pay installments? We can help. Speak with one of our Care Advocates for more information.

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